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Child's Pose

Monday 26th June | 6pm | £18 | Calderstones Mansion House | BOOK NOW

“In sound we are born, in sound we are healed” Mehtab Benton


On 26th June I'm delighted to offer a special extended Slow Flow class featuring a restorative soundbath session with Poppy from Wild Poppy Sound Therapy 

What's a Soundbath?

A soundbath is a sound meditation session for deep relaxation to aid health and well-being.

Participants lie (or sit) and are 'bathed' in sound from instruments into a deeply relaxed state. Soundbaths are a form of sound healing - the frequencies of the sounds played synchronise your brainwaves, allowing your body to enter the restorative phases that we go into naturally when we daydream, rest and sleep, where the body can recover and recuperate. 

This session will feature a 45 minute yoga class followed by a 45 minutes of sound healing.

Please bring a blanket and an eye pillow or something to cover your eyes during the soundbath.

Please note, although there is no evidence soundbaths are not suitable for pregnancies less than 3 months, it is standard in holistic treatments to avoid attending in the first trimester.

Advance Booking is required. BOOK NOW

Slow Flow & Soundbath

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